Monday, September 14, 2009

Big Boss Brewing Co. - Bad Penny Brown Ale

Another favorite of mine. Big Boss is right here in Raleigh. If you're local, check out the brewery tour on the second Saturday of every month.

Bad Penny is part of their regular lineup. It's fairly easy to find in stores around the Triangle, and I've seen it on tap at a growing number of local bars.

5.5% ABV

Bad Penny pours a beautiful, deep, coppery brown. It's dark, but still translucent.
It has a modest, cream-colored head, with uniform bubbling.  Sticks nicely to your glass.

A light aroma. I picked up a yeasty scent, like fresh-baked rolls.

Taste & Feel
Bad Penny has a smooth, blended malt flavor with a bit of sweetness to it, especially in its caramel finish. It offers up a medium body, with a very mild bite, nips just the tip of your tongue.

Buy it. Drink it.

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