Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Duck Rabbit - Milk Stout

My blog rules dictate that every brew gets a fresh review, no matter how many times I've enjoyed it, which gave me a great excuse to pick up a six pack of this local favorite for the opening week of football.


The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery is a small batch outfit operating out of Farmville, NC. They specialze in dark beers, which are available throughout North Carolina and parts of eastern Tennesee.

The Milk Stout is a traditional stout, brewed with lactose.

Liquid Darth Vader. Very dark and opaque. Pours with a thick, frothy head, but leaves minimal lacing in your glass.


For a dark, strong beer, Milk Stout gives off a fairly mild aroma. It's yeasty, lightly bready and only strengthens a bit as it warms.

Taste & Feel
Ah, the important stuff.  This beer is delicious. It boasts a full, lively body with a sharp bite. It grabs your tongue aggressively before it slowly dissipates.

Flavorwise, Milk Stout is much more complex than what the aroma may lead you to believe. It has a strong, malty flavor with a sublte and enjoyable sweetness. I picked up hints of coffee & pumpernickel in the sip, while coffee dominates the aftertaste. Leaves a carmel sweetness on your lips.

No doubt, this is a fantastic brew. Easily one of my top five favorites. 

Oh, for the record, I see the rabbit first.

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