Sunday, September 27, 2009

Flying Dog Brewery - Road Dog Porter

My first Flying Dog. I picked up a six pack of Road Dog yesterday afternoon and then came home to learn that Flying Dog had won Best Mid-Sized Brewery at the Great American Beer Festival earlier in the day. No pressure on this review, right?

This beer was at one point the subject of a 5-year battle between the brewer and the State of Colorado over the brew's "Good Beer, No Shit" label. In the end, Flying Dog won.

Part of Flying Dog's year-round offering, Road Dog is available in 46 States. Needless to say, you shouldn't have trouble finding it.

6.0% ABV

Road Dog Porter has a rich color and clear appearance. It has a dark, mahogany-cola, brown color. Some light gets through, but there's no cloudiness. Pours with a pillowy cream head constructed of medium bubbles. The head dissipates after a few sips and leaves modest lacing.

This is a mildly aromatic brew. Slightly yeasty. I picked up whiffs of bread with some caramel sweetness. It's also very lightly sour. Wierd, but I actually pick up hints of puppy. That's right. Puppy.Maybe it's the sweet/sour. No worries, I like it.

Taste & Feel
Thinner and not as strong as most porters I've experienced. I had to do a double-take. Dark beer, but it has a light body and mild flavor.

It's malty and nutty with just a bit of tart fruitiness. Feels bubbly on the tongue and then has a light clean, finish. Leaves a slight bitterness on the lips.

For a dark beer, Road Dog had a far lighter body and taste than I was expecting. Very drinkable and should pair well with a flavorful meal. It will go nicely with red meat.

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