Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sin City Stout

When you're sitting at a bar in Vegas at 10:30 a.m. and have just found yourself reviewing a local beer, there's only one sensible thing you can do... try another one.

Sin City Stout is another offering from Sin City Brewing Co. Having already enjoyed the flirty redhead, Amber, I was eager to sink into their traditional Irish dry stout.
Everything a stout should be. This brew has a very deep, dark brown color. Thick, too... completely opaque. In fact, it may have been sucking light from the surrounding area.  I'm not sure if I was drawn in by its attractive appearance or if it, in fact, had its own gravitational pull.

Even if it was gravity, I wasn't afraid, for I was certain to have a soft landing in the thick, creamy, mocha head.  

I was worried that the dry desert air would handicap my sniffer, but that didn't hurt this beer. It offers up a robust aroma... roasted, smoky, almost woody.

Taste & Feel
Beautiful. Sin City delivers a very dry, smoky flavor that momentarily grabs your tongue before letting go to a a slightly bitter finish. I detected just a taste of coffee and a toasty, mildly charred aftertaste, like getting the perfect crust on a campfire marshmallow.

Great body, too.Thick and velvety. 

If you're in Vegas and only have time to for one drink, go with the Sin City Stout. You absolutely must try this beer; it's a work of art.

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