Sunday, October 11, 2009

Red Hook - Late Harvest Autmn Ale

This is my first Red Hook.


Late Harvest has a Clear, golden honey- amber color. I'm not sure why, but Red Hook's website calls it a "deep chestnut". I suppose their marketing folks are colorblind. Either that, or chestnuts in Portsmouth, NH are light orange.

A steady stream of carbonation props up a modest, creamy head. A quick swirl leaves thin lacing.
5.9% ABV.


I usually expect autumn brews to have a hearty nose. This has a relatively mild aroma. It is mildly spicy, with a light maltiness and very faint hints of fall fruits. I caught whiffs of apples and pears in the pour.

Taste & Feel

It has an energetic, light-medium body with a bubbly burst across top of tounge. Feels like a lot like a lager.

Balanced, slightly malty taste. Light on flavor intensity, especially for a fall seasonal. Not as rich and smooth as most ales.


Good, but not great. It's a decent drinker that will go well with a steak or a campfire.

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