Sunday, November 29, 2009

Beerlao Lager

Yesterday, I visited a new wine & beer shop in town, East Wake Wines & Craft Brew. While their focus is wine, they also have a small, but interesting, selection of beers.

Normally, I'd have skipped past the Beerlao, but it was one brews being sampled by the shop. It's tough to make a judgment based on just one sip, especially since I like to try at least two bottles before making a decision. Figuring it warranted a full review, I purchased a couple bottles. (That's the neat thing about East Wake... they have six packs and singles, so you can buy just a few if you want to sample.)

This lager is produced by the Lao Brewery Company, a joint venture that is half-owned by the government of Laos and half by Carlsberg.  LBC claims to have 99% market share in Laos. 

5% ABV

Beerlao is crystal clear and yellow-gold in color. It has a thick, pillowy white head that leaves significant lacing. Very bubbly.

There's a faint, spicy-pungent, floral aroma. Think marigolds.

Taste & Feel
Definitely a lot of rice in this recipe. It has crisp and light body, but doesn't have a lot of flavor. I'd put it on par with any of the mass-produced American lagers.

Leaves a mildly bitter aftertaste.

If you've never had beer from Laos, it's worth trying, just to say you've had beer from Laos. Other than that, I'm not very excited about this one. Like I said, it's on par with the major American-style lagers, so if you're looking for something bold or different, this isn't it.


manond said...

i just discovered beerlao too and i love it!
There's a Dark Lager version and it's got more of a malty backbone to it for a pronounced flavor. What's unique on the dark is that it's not as heavy as you'd think it would be for the style.

Flavor without the weight! Not sure if it's available in NC but do check it out if you come across it.


Joe said...

Yes, the same shop also carries the dark. I plan on giving it a try on my next visit. The regular lager was a bit light for my taste, but if the dark is maltier, I'll probably enjoy it.