Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bell's Cherry Stout

I made my first trip to Peace Street Market yesterday. Huge selection. After getting through the initial wide-eyed, kid in a candy store phase, I picked the Bell's Cherry Stout.

A rich stout, available as a winter seasonal in only 12 states. Fortunately, NC is one of them.

7.0% ABV

No surprises. This beer has a thick, dark brown appearance... completely opaque. The pour looks a bit like thinned out Hershey's syrup. It has a thin, dark mocha head and leaves minimal lacing. 

Again, few surprises. There's a strong essence of dark, tart cherries and chocolate. I also caught light whiffs of a heavily roasted malt and a slight sourness.

Taste & Feel
Now it gets interesting. The flavor is very complex. Initially malty and slightly bitter, but mid-sip, the sweet-tart cherry flavor comes through... boldly. The full body is dry and lively, and it finishes with a wine-like dance across the top of the tongue.

I like it, but the cherry tartness takes some getting used to. It starts off tasting like a beer, ends tasting like a red wine.

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