Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Brooklyn Brewery - Black Chocolate Stout

I'm already a fan of Brooklyn's Brown Ale, so when I saw that The Pit had the Black Chocolate Stout on tap, I wasn't about hesitate to try it. 

Brooklyn's imperial-style stout, brewed for the fall and winter seasons. I haven't seen this one in stores, yet.

10.1% ABV

Ominous. This beer is thick and dark, with an opaque black coffee coloring. The head was surprisingly short, but dense and velvety, creating the illusion that someone had floated a thick cut of suede atop my beer. With its rich, caramel-mocha coloring, the head on this stout was darker than some of the actual beers that I've tried.

There was minimal lacing, but when I swirled it around my glass, the beer clung to the sides slightly, giving it an almost oily appearance.

Sweet, sticky molasses.

Taste & Feel
Heavily malty, with a strong bittersweet chocolate flavor. It has a very full body that evenly coats your mouth,  has a dry bite and leaves a light bitter aftertaste on your lips.

Very good. The Black Chocolate Stout is probably best enjoyed on its own or alongside a sweet, rich dessert. However, I had my second pint with dinner, and it held up nicely next to a smoky, flavorful barbecue meal.

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