Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rogue - Hazelnut Brown Nectar

I stopped at Lowes Foods on the way home from work tonight in order to pick up beer for Thanksgiving. (If you're curious, I opted for New Belgium 1554 and Big Boss Angry Angel.)  Because it was the day before Thanksgiving and every other person in town was getting in a last minute grocery run, the store was packed. The line for the express checkout reached back into the beer aisle. Convenient for me, since where I was and where I was going magically intersected.

Standing there, waiting patiently, I found myself staring face to face with the beer singles. I tried to ignore them but, I swear, they were whimpering at me like shelter puppies, just begging to come home. I picked out the 22oz. Hazelnut Brown Nectar and offered a warm place for him to spend the night.... in my belly.


Straight from the Rogue website:
A nutty twist to a traditional European Brown Ale. Dark brown in color with a hazelnut aroma, a rich nutty flavor and a smooth malty finish.

4.8% ABV

Nice looking beer... it has an attractive, reddish-brown color, bubbly body and a thick, pillowy head that leaves modest lacing. It's slightly hazy in appearance, and allows plenty of light to pass through. 

Sweet first, then malty, then nutty. Actually, not as aromatic as I was expecting. 

Taste & Feel
This beer has a medium body, and offers up an energetic, bubbly mouthfeel.

It has a mild flavor. A complex maltliness is most prominent, which is fitting because this beer packs in a variety of them. That is followed up by a noticeable hazelnut finish before ending with a slight bitter aftertaste

Rogue rarely disappoints and this brew is on par with their other offerings. Not my favorite Rogue beer, but still an enjoyable one. Enjoy it alone or with a pork or beef meal, but nothing with strong or spicy flavors that might clash with the nuttiness.

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