Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lion Stout

This is the third beer recommended to me last week by Ken over at East Wake. He's been quite reliable when suggesting porters and stouts, so I'm expecting good things.

This one is an import, produced by The Lion Breweries (Ceylon) in Sri Lanka. That's right....Sri Lanka.

8.0% ABV

Dark, black, opaque. Dense, thick mocha head. Ample lacing.
Pours with a muffled sound... now, that's thick. 

Interesting. Lion has a rich, sweet and syrupy aroma full of vanilla, cocoa and caramel scents, with a hint of black cherry.

Taste & Feel
Sweet, malty flavor. Strong toffee tones. Some roasted coffee. A bit of a lightly tart, fruity bite. Dark chocolate finish.

Thick, full body. Almost chewy texture.

Ken was 3 for 3 on last week's picks. Lion is an extraordinary stout.

I'm certain it's the best beer brewed in Sri Lanka, but I have to say, it holds its own against anything the U.S. and Europe have to offer.

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