Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mendocino Brewing Co. - Black Hawk Stout

The second beer I picked up on my visit to East Wake Wines & Craft Brew was Black Hawk Stout, a traditional Irish stout put out by the Mendocino Brewing Company of Saratoga Springs, NY.

Looks good right from the pour... it has a dark black-brown color and is nearly opaque. From what little light is getting through, it appears that it is quite bubbly for a stout. Small bubbles rise to form a modest, frothy mocha head. Not much lacing.

At a distance, I first picked up a bready, yeasty aroma. Getting closer, it became easier to detect a complex blend of deeper roasted malts. It has a lot of brown smells...coffee and bitter chocolate, with an underlying essence of chicory and molasses.

Taste & Feel
This one has a quick, dry bite.  I'm pretty sure I felt the bite it before I tasted the flavor.

Still, the flavor is there. The full, creamy body is rich with coffee flavors. It has a hoppy finish with a strong and sustained espresso aftertaste.

After having a few lighter beers recently, it was nice to get back to my deep, dark comfort zone. This is a tasty, classic stout that I'd gladly buy again.

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