Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thirsty Dog Brewing Co. - Old Leghumper Robust Porter

This is the second of three beers purchased last weekend during my stout and porter shopping spree.

Until finding Old Leghumper, I had never heard of Akron,Ohio-based Thirsty Dog. Not surprising, considering their limited distribution area covers just 11 states in the Great Lakes, mid-Atlantic and parts of New England. Still, it's available if you look for it.

This porter was a 2002 World Beer Cup Gold Medal winner.

6.7% ABV

Old Leghumper is dark, but not completely opaque. Enough light passes through to give it a cola-brown coloring. It has a dense, creamy head that leaves heavy lacing.

Sweet, bready malt; dark, bittersweet chocolate and smooth cappuccino are all very prominent. In fact, it smells exactly like a Caribou Coffee Chocolate Mocha granola bar (which are delicious!). Absolutely decadent... I'm getting full just off the aroma.

Taste & Feel
Nice. A good amount of carbonation creates a velvety texture. It has a medium-full body, robust with sweet and roasted malt flavors and a semi-sweet chocolate finish.

Silly name , but great flavor and a fantastic aroma. If you can find this beer near you, I highly recommend trying it.

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