Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bell's Two Hearted Ale

Breaking out of the sweet and malty streak that I've been on this month, I'm switching gears for a moment and trying an IPA.

Two Hearted Ale is a floral, hoppy India Pale Ale from Michigan's Bell's Brewery. Their beers are widely available throughout the Midwest and Southeast.

This is one that I haven't tried before, but Bell's hasn't disappointed me before, so I'm optimistic.

7.0% ABV

Two Hearted Ale has a bright, brassy color. It pours with a partially cloudy appearance and ample carbonation.

The head is pillowy and eggshell colored and dissipates quickly, leaving moderate lacing.

It has an enjoyable, perfumy, floral and pine hops aroma, with some lemon notes.

Taste & Feel
The medium body is smoother and less carbonated than I expected.

It starts off with aggressive grapefruit hops, and then the perfume quality of the nose comes through strongly the in flavor. Mid-taste, a sweet, honey malt peeks through before giving in to a mildly bitter finish. It has a strong lemon aftertaste that became more perfumy as it warmed.

Overall, Two Hearted Ale is an outstanding IPA. I really expected it to be more bitter, but it was more citrusy than anything. Very drinkable.

It would pair well with a light, summer fare. Personally, I'd like to try it as an accompaniment to Caribbean food.

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Daniel said...

This is by far the best IPA I've had (granted, I need to try some of the "elites," such as Pliny the Younger, Sculpin, etc.).

I think you're right on when talking about pairing this with Caribbean fare -- one of the things I like most about the beer is its "tropical" notes. It's got the standard grapefruit taste and aroma that so many other IPAs have, but in addition there's this nice, sweet mango taste as well.

(Psst -- at the risk of sounding like a beer snob, why do you drink all of your beers in wheat beer glasses? :) )