Sunday, January 31, 2010

Founders Brewing Co. - Breakfast Stout

This is the last of three installments in the Founders Weekend series. I saved what I anticipate will be the best, for last. 

Breakfast Stout, aside from being named after two of my favorite meals, is a seasonal brew from Founders Brewing Co. (which, if you haven't been paying attention this weekend, is quickly rising to become one of my favorites). It is an imperial stout that Founders labels a "double chocholate coffee oatmeal stout".

Let me repeat that... double chocolate... coffee... oatmeal stout.

Beer porn, right there... hardcore beer porn. 

8.3% ABV

Right out of the bottle, I can tell this stout means business. It pours a completely opaque, deep brown-black color. The head is thick, dense, foamy and a dark mocha color. It leaves a hearty root beer float lacing.

The nose is filled with rich, roasted malts. A soft smokiness nicely complements the chocolate and coffee notes.

Taste & Feel
It has a thick, smooth mouthfeel and full body. Robust, toasted coffee malts lead the flavor parade, followed by a sweet, tangy molasses middle. It has a nice bitter, chocolate finish and a dry, smoky aftertaste.

I'm regretting only bringing two bottles home this weekend. Both went down far too quickly.  This is a fantastic stout, everything I imagined it would be. It also went well with the coffee ice cream I was having for dessert.

I'll definitely stock up before the season ends.

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