Saturday, January 30, 2010

Founders Brewing Co. - Red's Rye PA

On Thursday, I stopped in to East Wake Wines & Craft Brew to check out their ever-expanding selection of beers. Ken was excited that his delivery of Founders had arrived. I, of course, was equally excited since I had been dying to try the Breakfast Stout. I ended up grabbing all three varieties they had, making this a Founders weekend.

I'm leading off with the Red's Rye, partly because I think it's the one I'll enjoy the least, but mostly because the wild-eyed curmudgeon on the label was glaring at me with a look that says, "if you know what's good for you, you'll drink this one first."

Part of Founders' year-round selection.It is a rye-malted pale ale.

6.6% ABV

Looks good. It has a bright, copper color and translucent appearance, capped by a foamy tan head. It's heavily carbonated and leaves modest lacing.

The aroma is loaded with strong, grapefruit hops, with some pine notes. It mellows and takes on a caramel sweetness as it warms.

Taste & Feel
Red's Rye has a medium body and crisp flavor. Aggressive hops up front, with grapefruit dominating. Between the hoppy start and finish, some caramel malts sneak through. It has as spicy and citrusy bitter finish.

Remember back when I said I thought this would be the one I liked the least? Well, The crazy old man on the label knows his stuff.  This is an awesome beer... bright, hoppy, flavorful. A solid A. 

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