Sunday, January 10, 2010

Highland Brewing Co. - Gaelic Ale

I'm always eager to try new beers, but every once in a while I have to revisit an old favorite, especially if I haven't added it to the blog. I like Highland Gaelic Ale because it has an excellent balance of flavors and aromas. It's flavorful, but not so overwhelming that it limits its opportunities for enjoyment.

An American amber ale from Asheville, NC's Highland Brewing Co.

5.8% ABV

Pretty much a standard amber ale. It has a slightly cloudy appearance and a bright, coppery color. The frothy cream head leaves light lacing.

Harmonious. The sweet and yeasty malts smell like biscuits and caramel and are balanced against hops that are somewhat spicy and have a subtle pine essence. Less prominent is a slightly sour aroma.

Taste & Feel
The medium body provides an active carbonated tingle at tip of tongue. 

It starts with a tart and mildly bitter hops presence, balanced with sweet, bready malts and hints of sour autumn fruit. The flavors mellow into a creamy finish and nutty, toasted aftertaste.

This is a good, reliable beer. It offers up a great flavor and has the versatility that makes it easy to pair with a variety of foods or simply enjoy on its own.

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