Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hirschbräu - Doppel Hirsch

There are a number of reasons why you might try a beer. Perhaps, you saw it advertised somewhere. Chances are, if you're a beer geek, a friend recommended it or you read about it on somebody's blog.

Or, maybe you just thought the bottle was cool.

Yep. That was me, bought it for the bottle. There's something about two stags trading headbutts on the label of the 500ml swingtop bottle that somehow lends credibility to a beer. To be fair, I was sold at just the swingtop.

I had a bit of trouble finding information about this beer. I know it's a Bavarian doppelbock, but haven't found much about the brewer.  Their website is in German and doesn't appear to have an English version. Everything else I came across were other beer review sites.

I found it at East Wake Wines & Craft Brew. They had a few other varieties from the same brewer, but I haven't seen it carried anywhere else. 

7.2% ABV

This beer has a dark, mahogany color and is topped with a foamy, tan head. The deep red hues and crystal clarity give it a jewel-like appearance.

Banana bread... rich, roasted malts heavy with essences of bananas and walnuts. It's also filled with sweet, dark, prune notes.

Taste & Feel
Medium body and silky mouthfeel. The flavor was sweet and plummy up front, with earthy malts and some piney hop notes coming through later. It provided a mild, hoppy bite at the top-back of my tounge, and gave way to a warm, dry finish. It has a raisin aftertaste, which became nutty as it warmed up.

It's good. I'd definitely like to try it again.

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Travis said...

I bought a bottle of this today and just opened it. I think it is quite enjoyable. Had I taken notes of my impressions before I saw this I would post them but after reading your tasting I think I am biased. I agree with the description, the aroma of roasted malts was nice, as are the sweet notes of prune and raisins.

While the weather is currently pretty warm I plan to take this in again soon and certainly will enjoy it on a cold, snowly Ottawa night next winter.