Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sierra Nevada - Old Cantankerous Stock Ale

Tonight I had the opportunity to try a rare beer that I can't imagine I'll ever have again. Tyler's Taproom in Durham played host to the debut of Sierra Nevada Old Cantankerous Stock Ale, a limited edition that was brewed once and only once. It is the product of collaboration by 12 homebrewers invited to the brewery's beer camp this past fall.  Among them was Durham's Jimmy VerVaecke.  He was on hand at Tyler's, along with a decent sized crowd who turned out to taste his masterpiece.

I somewhat regret not sitting down and giving it a proper review, but being able to enjoy a beer over  conversation with fellow beer enthusiasts is a great consolation. So, here's the short version, a collection of mental notes...

Dark color, sweet aroma, terrific flavor. Sweet caramel malt flavors were prominent and accompanied by toasted, nutty notes. The malt was balanced nicely by a slight hops bite. It had a smooth moutfeel, medium body and a slightly dry finish. 

Overall, an awesome beer.


Jimmy said...

Hey Joe,

Thanks for coming out to the event. Always great to meet a fellow internet beer geek in person! Glad you enjoyed the beer. We're going to homebrew a bunch of it so I'll try to pass some along for a proper "review" :)


Joe said...

Thanks, Jimmy.

I'd definitely love to taste that one again.