Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weyerbacher Brewing Co. - Blithering Idiot

Here's another one that I picked up on my most recent trip to East Wake Wines & Craft Brew. When I was there, I discovered that they had actually posted a couple of my reviews in the store. Cool deal.

Blithering Idiot is an English-style barleywine ale from Easton, PA's Weyerbacher Brewing. It is available year-round and can be found on the East coast and in Ohio, Nebraska and Wisconsin.

11.1% ABV

It has a bright amber-orange color and hazy appearance.Pours with a dense, creamy head that dissipated quickly but left a good amount of lacing.

Strong and sweet. The aroma is loaded with honey and dark fruit scents. Give it a good sniff, but be careful... if you draw too deep, the high alcohol content gives the inside of your nose a little burn.

Taste & Feel
It has a medium body and sweet, sticky flavor. Dates, raisins and honey are most prominent. A distinct alcohol taste cuts through some of the other flavors, especially as it warms. Not surprising, since it has a hot finish and an alcohol aftertaste.

Decent. I struggled a bit with this because it pulls me in opposite directions. It's a barelywine with a high ABV, so I really want to let it warm and savor it because, quite honestly, the flavor is pretty good. However, it's better off enjoyed cold, which doesn't really work for what I would call a sipping beer.

I've had several other beers in this ABV range that hid the alcohol nicely. Blithering Idiot almost embraces it, regrettably at the expense of other flavors. Almost all of the other barleywines I've had taste better as they warm. This one is the opposite. It's at its best 10-15 minutes out of the refrigerator.

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