Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bell's Amber Ale

Part of the year round offering from Bell's Brewery. Bell's calls it their flagship. It's available in parts of the midwest and mid-Atlantic.

5.8% ABV

Bell's Amber Ale pours with a thick and foamy cream head that leaves heavy lacing. It has a bright honey-amber color and a warm, translucent glow. Very bubbly.

This beer has a light aroma. Slightly sour, with herbal hops and subtle bready notes.

Taste & Feel

Overall, a pretty mild flavor to match the aroma. It is nutty with a sweet, caramel malt taste up front. The middle is tart and sweet, like autumn fruits, and it has a bit of a hoppy bite at the finish. It has a medium body and crisp, active carbonation. 

A pretty straightforward ale. Neither the flavor nor the aroma is particularly strong, opening up the possibility that this could be a decent transitional ale for a new craft brew drinker. 

I'd give it a B. 

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