Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fullsteam Brewery - Sweet Potato Ale

I think I mentioned before that Sean at Fullsteam had given me a couple bottles to try. For those who missed it, the other day I posted a review of Hogwash!, the coming-soon Durham brewery's smoked porter. After knocking out that one earlier this week, I was looking for an opportunity to try the other one, Sweet Potato Ale. Who am I kidding? I was saving it for the Super Bowl.

The Sweet Potato Ale is another of Fullsteam's Plow-to-Pint brews. Those familiar with pumpkin ales might assume that this, too, would be brewed with pie spices. Instead, it's actually brewed with real sweet potatoes. Baked sweet potatoes are added to the mash, giving this beer its color and unique aroma and flavor.

6.2% ABV

Bright, golden color. Mostly clear appearance, with only a slight haziness.
Thin white head. Ample carbonation.

The aroma is almost what you'd expect... strong and sweet with a distinct soft and mellow sweet potato smell.

Taste & Feel
Imagine a mellowed-out pumpkin ale.. sweeter and not as spicy. The flavor starts off with a light, honey malt. The sweet potato flavor is well-deifned, and is sustained right through the mild spice finish. 

It has a medium body and smooth, rich mouthfeel with a bit of a carbonated tingle.

As much as Sean was touting the Hogwash!, the Sweet Potato Ale sort of blindsided me with how good it is.

This beer will be on my next Thanksgiving table. However, I don't want to pigeonhole it as a fall seasonal. Fullsteam plans to offer it year-round. It holds promise as an accompaniment to a variety of meals, but the unique flavor will allow it to stand on its own as a good casual drinker.


Daniel said...

This sounds amazing, and I'm not even a huge fan of sweet potatoes.

I guess Fullsteam won't be distributing for quite some time, huh? Sounds like they're doing some interesting things. I hope to make my way out there to try a few some time.

Anonymous said...

Had some on a drive by this summer, brought a growler home. Great summer beer too! Great with BBQ brisket on the 4th of July!