Thursday, March 18, 2010

Black Boss Porter

Another suggestion from Ken at East Wake Wines, who is quickly becoming my beer concierge. Black Boss Porter is brewed by Poland's Browar Witnica.

9.4% ABV

Very dark cola brown color. It's not quite opaque, and actually somewhat 'clear' despite the very dark color.... almost jewel-like.  It also has a thin, tan head with tight bubbles and almost no lacing.  There appears to be significant carbonation.

Very aromatic. Rich and malty. The aroma is sweet and sticky. Dried fruits are prominent and I'm picking up dates more than anything. There's also a hint of licorice in the nose.

Taste & Feel
Different than most porters in that the aggressive carbonation hits right away.
The medium body has a sweet, plummy flavor filled with subtle chocolate notes. The finish is interesting... dry, with a lingering tingle.

(Wouldn't lingering tingle be a great name for a band? No? )

A pretty good beer. Not as smooth as most porters, but definitely worth a try.

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