Sunday, March 14, 2010

Duck-Rabbit - Amber Ale

Even though I thoroughly enjoy their brews whenever I can, I haven't reviewed many of Duck-Rabbit's beers for my blog. Since East Wake Wines has made the effort to build up their stock of local, North Carolina beers, I felt the need to pick out a few to add to H&H.

This amber ale is a traditional, malty ale, part of Duck-Rabbit's year-round offering.

Duck-Rabbit Amber Ale has a clear appearance and bright, copper color. The pillowy tan head dissipated rather quickly

It has a sweet, malty aroma.  Caramel dominates, but some some fruity apple and raisin notes peek through.

Taste & Feel
This beer has a rich, malty flavor, with a lightly roasted quality. It has a medium body, and crisp energetic, carbonation. The finish was dry, sweet and fruity, and gave way to a nice roasted aftertatse.

Another fine ale from Duck-Rabbit. This one is flavorful, without being overpowering.

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