Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sweetwater Brewing Co. - Georgia Brown

Over the past 6 months or so, I've noticed Atlanta-based Sweetwater's brews slowly popping up in more places throughout the Triangle area.  Sweet Georgia is, predictably, their brown ale.

5.1 ABV

Sweet Georgia is a bit lighter than most brown ales. It has a bright, copper color. The appearance is somewhat hazy, but you can easily tell that it's quite carbonated, with some rather large bubbles rising into a foamy, cream-colored head.

Light, sweet, malty. The aroma is mostly caramel, with a slightly sour character as it warms.

Taste & Feel
Sweet, smooth, medium body. Apple and caramel are prominent in the malty flavor. It has a light carbonated tingle and a very mild hop bite. The surprise comes near the finish, where instead of the sweetness you expect from a brown, some some grapefruit hoppiness comes through.

I found this to be a pretty enjoyable beer. A solid B+. The hoppy finish was certainly a surprise and added a welcomed level of complexity to an otherwise simple, straightforward brown ale.

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