Saturday, April 24, 2010

Moerlein Brewing Co. - Emancipator Doppel Bock

Until it arrived in my Craft Beer of the Month package (a Valentines gift from wifey), I hadn't heard of Moerlein.  The Cincinnati brewery has been in operation since 1981, a rebirth of the Christian Moerlein namesake. The original brewery existed from the mid 1800s until Prohibition. 

I don't typically comment on the how a beer sounds, but this one had a particularly crisp and fizzy voice as I poured. Emancipator has a clear appearance with a ruddy brown complexion. The carbonation level is high, and large bubbles rise to form a tall, buttery colored head that fizzled away quickly.

Malty and sweet. Not as thick and syrupy as a number of the doppelbocks I like, but more of a thin, fruity sweetness. Smells like caramel apples and light brown sugar.

Taste & Feel 
Energetic carbonation leads off. The medium body has a light, yet complex maltiness. Flavors are rich, sweet and fruity before letting the dry, earthy finish take over.

A decent beer. I'm just not sure where to get it.

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