Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Heavy Seas - Pale Ale

The Heavy Seas line of beers is brewed by Clipper City Brewing Company out of Baltimore. It's available throughout the east coast and Great Lakes. I received it in my craft brew of the month shipment, but I'm fairly certain I've seen it at Total Wine & More.

4.75% ABV

Pours an attractive warm amber color with a clear, bubbly appearance. Large bubbles form a modest, but dense, cream colored head that quickly dissipated.

Very straightforward... biscuity malt and light, floral hops

Taste & Feel
A nice, medium body with a slight carbonated tingle, but otherwise smooth mouthfeel. Taste is sweet up front, followed by a mild flavor balanced nicely between a light, yeasty malt and crisp, floral hop.
Finishes clean and slightly hoppy.

A decent, safe beer. This would make a good transitional beer for your yellow beer drinking friends.


Thomas said...

Actually Clipper City renamed the entire brewery and Heavy Seas is their main production line, odd to see such a dramatic shift in name and brand we will see how it works out for them.

Joe said...

Thanks for the update. Interesting, indeed. They haven't completely phased out the Clipper City name yet, either. It still appears on their packaging. Must be a slow transition.