Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lazy Magnolia Brewing Co. - Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale.

Another surprise from the latest craft beer o' the month delivery. This one comes to us from Kiln, Mississippi's Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company. Lazy Magnolia beers are only available in the Gulf states, Florida and Tennessee.

Quite literally a nut brown ale, Southern Pecan is labeled as a smooth and sweet English style brown ale brewed with whole roasted pecans.

4.5% ABV

Southern Pecan has a deep copper color with a warm, amber glow.
Very light carbonation is visible through the clear appearance. Small bubbles slowly rise to reach the foamy cream head.

Sweet, caramel malt and pecan nuttiness conjure up thoughts of a sticky pecan pie.

Taste & Feel
Sweet and malty right from the start. Strong caramel character dominates. It has a medium body with smooth, well-blended flavor throughout. The finish is slightly dry and nutty.

A very enjoyable and versatile beer. The low alcohol content and well-blended flavors makes it easily sessionable. At the same time, the sweet, rich flavor and smooth body makes me want to let it warm up and savor it slowly... which I am doing with the second bottle.

As an aside, I'd like to add that I absolutely love their branding. Simple and clean, with a look that's reminiscent of an old highway marker on a dusty, rural road. 


MCM Mama said...

I love this beer. It's my "go to" beer whenever we visit the inlaws.

Joe said...

Good stuff. I just wish we could get it in NC.