Thursday, May 13, 2010

Moerlein Brewing Co. - Friend of an Irishman Stout

Another craft brew of the month find from Cincinnati-based Moerlein.

4.7% ABV

Muddy, dark coffee brown color. Frothy head didn't hold up very long. Some light gets through, giving it a soft brown glow. Appears to be thin for a stout.

A sweet, smoky malt dominates. Coffee, toasted marshmallow, toffee and a light hickory smoke all come through.

Taste & Feel 
Starts off sweet, with coffee and a bit of chocolate as the prominent flavors. A bit of fruity tartness hits in the middle before a dry, roasted finish sets in.

A bit thin in the body. That and the carbonated tingle make this feel more like a porter.

Interesting. Powerful aroma and a blend of flavors give this quite a bit of character. I'd give it a "B".

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