Friday, May 21, 2010

Mother Earth Brewing - barrel aged Imperial Stout

While I was visiting Mother Earth last weekend, I tried the barrel aged imperial stout that they had on tap. Travis indicated that it isn't a production beer and is only available in the tap room.

I later contacted head brewer Josh Brewer (yes, that's his name) for a description, and he said:
"It was two seperate batches of imperial stout brewed on the one barrel system. I roast my own coffee, so one was infused with coffee and the other batch was not. Also, molasses was added on both. The batches were blended together and then aged in whiskey barrels."
Pretty much a work of art. This stout is black... a completely opaque body with a thick and dense khaki head.

No, not just dense... DENSE! It's milkshake-thick and leaves a heavy coating around the inside of your glass that looks like might serve as pretty decent foam insulation if given a chance to dry out. 

If Josh would brew more than two barrels of it, we could test my theory that I'd float on it. 

The aroma is very woody, with hints of bourbon as it warms. I also picked up whiffs of Kalamata olives.

Wait, wait, wait...I need to explain that, so you don't think I'm saying their beer stinks like olives. You know, those really tasty black olives... they have a thick, rich, sweet, oily aroma. Yeah, those. It's a good thing. Besides, you don't taste it.

Taste & Feel
Every bit as decadent as it looks. The body is thick and full, with a smooth, creamy mouthfeel. 

The flavor was very chocolaty up front, with some light coffee notes. An earthy, oak middle sets in before leaving you with a dry, woody finish.

This is a beautifully crafted beer. You must try it, if they haven't already run out. If they have, petition Josh to make more.

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