Monday, May 17, 2010

Mother Earth Brewing - Tripel Overhead (barrel aged)

Hanging out in the Mother Earth Tap Room prior to Saturday's tour, I enjoyed the bourbon barrel-aged version of Tripel Overhead. It's on tap now, and according to the tap room manager, a limited release of bottles should be available in a few months. A non-barrel aged version is available in bottles now.

9.5% ABV


Straight from the tap, it had a clouded, translucent appearance, and being unfiltered, it should. The amber-orange color looks very much like apple cider. Even though it had a thin head, quite a bit of carbonation was evident.

This is a strongly aromatic brew. Vanilla, bourbon and oak stand out, while a slightly citrus hops essence hides behind the maltiness.

Taste & Feel
Tastes great. The bourbon flavor of the oak barrels shines through right away. Earthy
malts dominate, followed by a slight hoppy bite. Medium body, good carb tingle. Warm, boozy

Excellent. Beers like this are the reason I drink. Take the time to sip and savor this one.

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