Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sweetwater Brewery - 420 Extra Pale Ale

Another beer that I received in my monthly shipment, but also one that I know I can get locally. Sweetwater brews are readily available in many places throughout the Southeast. This West Coast-style pale ale is the Georgia-based brewery's most popular beer. 

5.4% ABV

420 has a clear appearance and a bright, golden color. Ample carbonation is visible, with steady streams of large bubbles rising up to meet a pillowy, bright white head.

It has a light aroma, mostly resin-floral hops with some bready malt notes. As it warmed, the aroma sweetened and filled with a strong honey scent.

Taste & Feel 
Light body. Very clean, smooth feel. The taste is quite mild, and mostly hops throughout. Some bready malts are evident. A slight carbonated tingle hits just before the crisp, hoppy finish.

A decent beer that should be unoffensive to the casual drinker or craft beer novice. Quite enjoyable while cold, making it an easy summer brew. In fact, be sure drink it cold. While the aroma sweetened as it warmed, it also became bitter. Fortunately, the fairly low alcohol content means you can finish one while it's still chilled.

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