Monday, July 5, 2010

Lancaster Brewing Co. - Milk Stout

What better way to wind down a hot 4th of July weekend than with a thick, hearty stout? No, seriously. Typically, that might be a bit out of place, but tonight it's cooled off significantly from the 90-plus day we had and I'm sitting out on the deck with a fan going to keep the bugs down. That's cool enough for a stout in my book!

This is another BOTM surprise. I searched their website, but wasn't able to find out much about where the Lancaster, PA-brewed beer is available, beyond "the Mid-Atlantic region". I did learn that they've been around since 2001, after taking over a 6-year-old operation that was struggling to survive.

5.3% ABV

This beer is a thick, black color. It appears to have a light viscosity. The dense mocha head left a heavy coat as it thinned.

The strong roasted malt has a somewhat charred, woody smokiness to it. Dark, coffee aroma is secondary, with black cherries hidden deep in the aroma.

Taste & Feel 
A bit of a bite up front, loaded with a robust, roasted malt flavor. Beyond the initial bite, the body is exceptionally light and smooth. The soft, creamy mouthfeel and smoky flavor remind me of the melted marshmallow in s'mores. Well into the sip, it's still rather toasty, with some caramel and fruit sweetness starting to appear. The finish is soft and creamy, and leaves a dry, nutty aftertaste.

A solid "A" beer. The body was light enough to enjoy on a cool summer evening, with a hearty flavor that will be reliable well into the depths of winter. 

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