Monday, August 2, 2010

Aviator Brewing Co. - King Rat Stout

King Rat is an imperial oatmeal stout from Fuquay-Varina, NC's Aviator Brewing. The 750 ml  bottle comes corked and caged,  which presents a stark contrast from the cartoony rodent label. Cartoons aside, I suppose you have to appreciate, on some level, a beer that pops like champagne when you open it.  

8.0% ABV

Pours a completely opaque, black color. The head is frothy and tan, but short-lived. It also has a fine, oily look. 

Heavy malt aroma filled the room as soon as the bottle was uncorked . It's sticky and sweet, and filled with molasses and coffee scents.
Taste & Feel 
Sweet, but aggressively carbonated up front. Rather tingly across the tongue at first before settling into a much smoother middle. The flavor is predominantly dark chocolate malt, balanced with earthy hops. Finishes very dry, with a lingering flavor that's both nutty and heavily roasted.

The full, smooth body has a light, airy feel. It's also a bit warmer than I'd expect from an eight percenter. If I hadn't read the label, I'd guess it was over 10. 

Oatmeal stouts are my favorite variety, so I'm probably being extra-critical by giving it a B+. It's a good beer. The aroma and flavor are both very strong, but stop short of crossing the line of being overpowering.

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