Friday, August 20, 2010

Brew Dog - 5a.m. Saint

You've heard of Brew Dog. Even if you aren't immediately familiar with the brewery, I'm sure you've heard of their beers. These are the same guys that gave the world such high-octane treats as Sink the Bismark, Tactical Nuclear Penguin and the now-infamous The End of History, a budget-busting beer so rare and high in alcohol content that packing it in a dead squirrel almost seems reasonable. No, seriously.... they really wrapped that shit in roadkill.

Fortunately, the Scottish brewery also produces a number of wallet-friendly and readily accessible beers. Among them is 5a.m. Saint, an amber ale.

5.0% ABV

5a.m. Saint pours a chestnut brown color with a warm, ruddy glow and slightly hazy clarity. Small amount of very tiny bubbles slowly rise up into a stiff, almost meringue-like cream head.

Not exceptionally aromatic, but there's enough there to make out pine and citrus hops, tempered with a light, fruity malt. I'm picking out a delicate balance of pineapple and grapefruit.

Taste & Feel
This one is very resiny and hoppy throughout, with an underlying caramel maltiness. It's considerably more hoppy that most ambers, but despite that, it's not overly bitter.  In fact, the middle is smooth and somewhat sweet. It has a medium body, slightly aggressive carbonated feel and a dry, grapefruit finish.

What's odd, is that well after the swallow, there seems to be a lingering raspberry aftertaste.

Pretty good. Definitely a well-crafted brew. It was surprisingly hoppy, but had a decent balance. The low ABV makes it incredibly drinkable. A solid A.

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