Saturday, August 28, 2010

Brewery Ommegang - Three Philosophers Belgian Quad

Three Philosophers is one of five award-winning ales offered by Brewery Ommegang, a Belgian-style brewer located in Cooperstown, NY.  Three Philosophers is a 98/2 blend of a Belgian strong ale and a kriek.

9.8% ABV

The translucent body creates a warm glow that emanates throughout the chestnut color. Holding it up to a light reveals ultra-fine pillars of carbonation floating up to a dense, cream head.

The aroma is characterized by a deep, rich maltiness loaded with a dark, sweet fruity essence and a warm booziness. It smells like Mom's homemade black cherry brandy.

Taste & Feel 
This medium-bodied brew is complex and very well blended. It's rich, sweet and malty. Plenty of caramel and roasted malt flavor, with tart cherry notes. Very smooth, with a bit of a  carbonated tingle toward the warm, peaty finish.

This is a superb brew, easily an A+. Don't just drink it. Admire the look, smell it, sip it, hold it in your mouth and savor it.  This is a triple-play... beautiful look, great aroma, incredible taste. 

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