Sunday, August 29, 2010

Red Brick Brewing Co. - Blonde Ale

The name says it all... Red Brick Blonde is an American-style blonde ale from Atlanta's Red Brick Brewing Co. (which changed its name from Atlanta Brewing Co. earlier this year). Red Brick's distribution covers the Southeast.

5.2% ABV

Pretty much a typical blonde, it pours a pale straw color, capped with a thin, bright white head. The high level of clarity reveals an ample amount of carbonation.

Not too much happening on the aroma front. It's mostly a light, yeasty bread with hints of pears and floral hops.

Taste & Feel
This clean-drinking ale has a thin body and very light flavor. The malt is light and bready with a touch of honey. Just as you begin to think it runs the risk of tasting like a corporate macrobrew, the hops kick in somewhat sharply right at the finish, leaving a perfumy aftertaste.

Harmless. Light on flavor, but high on drinkabilty, making it a sessionable summer brew and a decent transitional beer for craft beer newbies. It's a bit light for my tastes, buy the hoppy finish salvages a B- rating.

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