Sunday, August 29, 2010

Red Brick Brewing Co. - Laughing Skull Amber Ale

Another one of Red Brick's brews, one with an interesting story. This is actually the second incarnation of Laughing Skull, resurrected in 2009 after a four year hiatus. The previous version of the brand was a pilsner, brewed by Red Brick for Atlanta's The Vortex restaurant. 

5.7% ABV

It offers a honey gold color and a dense, stiff, cream-colored head that leaves heavy lacing. Good clarity reveals a storm of small-bubbled carbonation. 

Rich caramel malt. Sweet, dried fruits. Slight herbal hops.

Taste & Feel
Laughing Skull has a crisp, clean feel. It's sweet up front, led by a light raisin fruitiness. Tart autumn fruits soon become more detectable before a resiny hops bitterness takes over. The carbonation that was so visible begins to build in the mouthfeel mid-sip and lingers through the finish. The body is a bit light for an amber. 

Decent. I certainly enjoyed it better than the Blonde Ale.

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