Sunday, August 15, 2010

Unibroue - Ephemere Apple

Ephemere Apple (there's also a black currant variation) is a white ale brewed with granny smith apples. It is a product of Quebec's Unibroue, a subsidiary of Japan's Sapporo. I picked this up at East Wake Wines and although I hadn't seen it elsewhere, the brewery's website suggests that their beers are widely available in the Raleigh area.

5.5% ABV

Ephemere has a hazy appearance. It pours a pale, golden color that looks much like apple juice. The effervescent head is short-lived (appropriate, given the name) and cream-colored. It appears to be heavily carbonated, with a steady upward flow of small bubbles.
I usually take time to admire the look of a beer before delving into the aroma. This one has such a punch that as soon as I popped the cap, the smell of crisp apples filled the room. So quickly, in fact, that my wife asked, "is that your beer that smells so fruity?" before I had even finished pouring it.

Beyond apple, lots and lots of apple, the distinct scent of coriander fills out the crisp, yeasty aroma. 

Taste & Feel 
A light, sparkling body and crisp feel. Sweet on the lips. Bubbles dance across the tongue as tart, sweet apple flavors mix with a light, wheaty malt. Coriander and spice peek through before the tart, fruity finish.
A decent "B" beer. I can see it pairing well with fruit or a creamy cheeses. Otherwise, it's a bit too light & fruity to be a part of my regular rotation.

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