Monday, September 6, 2010

Coney Island Craft Lagers - Albino Python

Coney Island Lagers are brand of Shmaltz Brewing Company, and are widely available across the country. One has to appreciate the labels of all of their beers, which are styled after carnival sideshow posters.

Albino Python is a spiced white lager brewed with ginger, fennel and sweet orange peel.

6.0% ABV

There's really nothing I can do to describe this beyond telling you... it looks exactly like carbonated orange juice.

It offers up a very effervescent pour that produces a fleeting head. Mine also had quite a bit of yeast sediment.

A fairly well-balanced aroma that incorporates a sweet, light malt and a citrusy hops. A sharp wheat scent cuts through both, while orange peel dominates the spices.

Taste & Feel
This one is all over the place. It has a light, but heavily carbonated body and plenty of flavors that each stands out on its own. It leads off with a sweet caramel malt and light spciiness that turns to a wheaty flavor halfway through. Citrus hops are present throughout and compliment the orange peel and spices. Toward the finish, it gets sweet again, with more caramel flavors. The finish is citrusy and sour, with a lasting tingle.

Certainly one of the more interesting beers I've had in awhile. At times it was more like a mimosa than a beer. I'm not sure I'd buy this on my own. Cold, it's a B, but the enjoyability dwindles quickly as it warms. Try one, but drink it fast.

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