Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cottrell Brewing Co. - Old Yankee Ale

Old Yankee is Cottrell's flagship beer. I got it in a beer of the month shipment, but their regular distribution area is rather limited, covering southern New England.

Translucent copper color. The thin, white head is light and lacy, like egg whites. Tough to see through the clouded appearance, but upon close inspection, quite a bit of carbonation is visible.

A light, malty aroma led by a sweet apple scent.

Taste & Feel
Leads off with a bit of a bubbly burst before mellowing out to a smoother feel. The flavor is similar to the aroma... a light malt filled with an apple fruitiness. It drys out toward the finish, where earthy hops make an appearance.

Pretty good. I typically let my ales warm up a bit before drinking them, but I had a second bottle straight from the fridge and actually found it this beer to be extremely enjoyable at a colder temperature. A solid B+.

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