Sunday, September 12, 2010

St. John Brewers - Island Summer Ale

This half-wheat, half-pale ale is a product of St. John Brewers, a small brewery located in the Virgin Islands that was started by a pair of ex-New Englanders in 2004.

Although their beers are available year-round in the islands, they have a very limited mainland distribution.

Island Summer Ale has a clear appearance and a bright, golden color. Large-bubbles of carbonation float up to form a thin, frothy, white head. 

It has a fresh, spiced aroma. The malt is light, and doughy with a banana sweetness and a bit of zesty citrus hops. 

Taste & Feel 
The taste is sweet and malty up front, with some light caramel and yeasty bread flavors.The hops are light and citrusy, with hints of spice. The body is surprising more substantial than what I'd expect from something called "Island Summer Ale." It feels silky and buttery and finishes smooth, with a lasting sweetness.

Not bad. It has a light, summery character without coming off thin or watery. Plenty of flavor for what I expected to be another crisp, easy-drinker. I'd give it a "B."