Sunday, November 7, 2010

Uinta Brewing Co, - Solstice Kölsch

Solstice is Utah-based Uinta's Kölsch style ale. It is part of their year-round selection and is available throughout the Rockies, the northwest and along the east coast.

4.0% ABV

Solstice has a bright, golden color and a fairly clear appearance.  A significant amount of carbonation is visible and feeds a thin, white head.

The aroma is a light, sweet bready malt. Subtle honey notes and a grassy hops scent also peek through.

Taste & Feel 
Refreshing and slightly hoppy up front. Bread and honey flavors become prevalent before a more tart apple flavor takes over. It has a light body and a decent carbonated feel. The finish is sweet and dry.

This one is decent. True to style, it's light and refreshing with just enough sweet flavor to keep you interested. It's not my favorite Kölsch, but I'd certainly drink it again. On a side note, I'm finding Uinta's low-alcohol beers to be highly sessionable.