Thursday, December 23, 2010

Flying Bison Brewing Co. - Buffalo Lager

The name doesn't get much more straightforward. Buffalo Lager is a light, golden lager from my hometown's Flying Bison Brewing Company. They've been around for a decade

4.8% ABV

It has a hazy  appearance and bright golden color. Appears to be fairly well carbonated and is capped with a fluffy, white head. 

Surprisingly aromatic. It has a sweet, floral purfumy scent with a hint of yeast.

Taste & Feel
The flavor is an amplification of the aroma. It hits your tastebuds with a floral, hoppy burst that remains rather consistent right up to the finish. There's also a light, fruity pear taste that emerges as it warms.The body is light and clean, with a bubbly finish, which is more intense, and leaves a perfumy aftertaste.

Rather flavorful for such a light-bodied beer. It's a decent, sessionable lager. A bit perfumy on its own, but pairing it with fruit or light fare would be a great mix.

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