Sunday, January 2, 2011

Custom BrewCrafters - Double Dark Cream Porter

Until I stumbled upon this beer at a store in Buffalo, I'd never heard of Custom BrewCrafters. They are a small operation out of Honeoye Falls, NY, near Rochester. From the best I can tell, they focus on distributing to restaurants and their beers are only available in Western and Central NY.

Double Dark Cream Porter is part of CB's regular selection.

5.0% ABV

Double Dark pours a completely opaque, brown-black color. It has a very frothy tan head, which leaves heavy lacing. 
It has a sweet, syrupy and robust aroma. Roasted malts, caramelized sugar and soft cocoa scents prevail. 

Taste & Feel 
Starts off sweet and robust. Medium bodied, with a tingly mouthfeel right from the start . It has a deep, roasted flavor reminiscent of espresso and dark chocolate.  A crisp, tart, apple flavor and earthy hops appear just before a dry finish.

This is a good brew, although somewhat misleading. With a name like Cream Porter, I was expecting something with a softer body, but I really can't complain. Still,  it's a solid beer with a pleasing taste and the kind of heartiness that welcomes a good steak.

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