Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ithaca Beer Co. - CascaZilla Red Ale

Ithaca Beer Co. is, not surprisingly, based out of Ithaca, NY and has been in operation since late 1998. CascaZilla, a hoppy red ale, is part of their year-round offering and is distributed in the Northeast and Ohio. According to their website, the name is a play on both the name of a local gorge called Cascadilla and the "monster amounts" of Cascade hops used in the recipe.

7% ABV

This one has a translucent appearance and a deep copper color. The thick, tan head leaves moderate lacing.

CascaZilla has a light, but unmistakably pine aroma, with some plum undertones.

Taste & Feel 
Big, big flavor. There's a harmonious balance of bold, piney hops and sweet, caramel malt. Fairly smooth and medium-bodied, with a dry, fruity finish.

Another fitting name could have been "Big Red", after the local Cornell football team and the beer's bold flavor and ruddy color. This isn't a very complex brew, but it's quite flavorful and nicely balanced. I like it, and would definitely buy it again. A solid B+. 

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