Sunday, January 9, 2011

Southern Tier Brewing Co. - Harvest Ale (2010)

Harvest is a dry-hopped Extra Special Bitter. It is Southern Tier Brewing's autumn seasonal (yeah, yeah, I'm a bit behind in working my way through my backlog).

6.7% ABV

Harvest has a deep amber color and a high level of clarity. The initial pour is capped by a thick, foamy cream-colored head that leaves heavy lacing. It is sustained by pillars of small bubbles rising up from a heavily carbonated body.

This beer has a light, but distinct aroma defined by sweet caramel malt and spicy, pine hops. As it warms, the aroma gets a bit stronger and sweeter.

Taste & Feel
It's been awhile since I've have a beer that I can say this about, but Harvest falls on the hoppy end of the scale. A very piney hops character fills the medium body, start to finish. Layered beneath that is a rich, caramel malt flavor. Not overly sweet, but just enough to balance out the hops. It finishes a bit dry and leaves a slightly numb, tingly feeling on your tongue.  As it warms, the flavor, like the aroma, gets a bit sweeter.

I really liked this one. The refreshing, hoppy flavor is a nice change from a lot of the heavily spiced, malty fall brews. This is definitely one that you can enjoy while sitting around a fire on a cool, crisp evening. Try it with grilled chicken.

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