Sunday, January 23, 2011

Southern Tier Brewing Co. - Pumking Imperial Pumpkin Ale (2010)

Shameless curling club plug.
Pumking is an imperial pumpkin ale from Lakewood, NY's Southern Tier Brewing. It is an autumn seasonal, released in August, so it's been sitting in my 'private reserve' for a few months.

Pumking is brewed with pureed pumpkin and - according to their website - pagan spirit, which I believe is in the nutmeg family.

9.0% ABV

Pumking has a bright, brassy, amber-orange color. Good clarity reveals an ample amount of carbonation, although the second pour from the 650ml bottle was a bit hazy. It has a frothy cream-colored head that leaves a small amount of sticky lacing.

Smells like pumpkin bread; exactly like pumpkin bread.

Taste & Feel 
Starts off quite spicy before sweet caramel malts and pumpkin flavors emerge. The body is light-to-medium, while the carbonation and spicy hops give it a rather aggressive feel. It has a hoppy finish and a pie spice aftertaste.

Good, if you like pumpkin; better, if you like spice. The aroma gave me hope for a pumpkiny amber ale, but the flavor is more like a nutmeg IPA. I'd give it a B-.

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Joe said...

I'm told that I shouldn't have let this age. I'll have to make it a point to try a fresher bottle from the 2011 batch.

Still, I'm standing by the B-. I was hoping from something smoother and sweeter. This was a bit too spicy to earn an A.