Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mother Earth Brewing - Old Neighborhood Oatmeal Porter

Old Neighborhood is one of Mother Earth's newest releases, a fall seasonal first making an appearance this past October. It's the only one of their current lineup that I hadn't tried before tonight.

5.5% ABV

It has a deep brown color. Not quite black, but almost completely opaque. Some light sneaks through the narrowest part of my glass, creating a slight ruby bottom-lit effect. The dense, creamy khaki head is fairly long-lasting and leaves a thick coat of lacing.

Old Neighborhood has a sweet, malty chocolate scent... a cross between Whoppers candy and a milkshake. There's also a significant presence of roasted coffee in the aroma.

Taste & Feel
Dark roasted malts start things off up front, balanced with soft, cocoa sweetness. It's full bodied, with a smooth, creamy feel. The roast gets more intense toward the finish, which is dry and filled with a bold, dark chocolate flavor.

Excellent. This is both a very flavorful and highly drinkable beer. My first thought is that it pairs well with rich, beefy meals, but Mother Earth's website also recommends chocolate peanut butter cookies.

I can assure you, it also goes nicely with the Caramel Delights that I was coerced into buying on my way out of Lowes Foods this evening. (No, seriously, be sure to support your local Cookie Pusher troop.)

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