Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dogfish Head - Aprihop

I stumbled upon Aprihop a couple weeks ago while perusing the selection at East Wake Wines & Craft Brew. The owner, Ken, suggested that I try it, noting that "they managed to add fruit the right way." Based on his recommendation, I picked up a few bottles.

Aprihop is a dry-hopped IPA brewed with apricots. Clever name, huh? It's a recurring Dogfish seasonal, available from March to May.

7.0% ABV

A bit darker than I expected, Aprihop has a deep copper color. The jewel clarity reveals slow, steady pilars of carbonation. It's capped by a dense, creamy head. 

Awesome aroma....fruity, woody, sweet and hoppy. The apricots come through nicely in the nose and compliment the floral hops.

Taste & Feel
Wow, this is well-crafted. It's full of flavor and very nicely blended. A smooth, rich caramel malt leads off before the fruity apricot flavor comes through. The fruit is balanced by a woody taste. It finishes dry, with a very floral hops taste that lasts well past the swallow.

Aprihop is medium-bodied, with a decent carbonated bite.

A most excellent treat. Too often, fruit beers are doused with extracts that give beers a fruity aroma but a bitter flavor. This, on the other hand, incorporates apricots nicely. Try it, but hurry. It's only around for a couple more weeks!

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