Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rohrbach Brewing Co.- Vanilla Porter

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I've been sitting on this one for quite a while. My trip to Rochester was well over two months ago and even though I banged out the review on my phone right away, this post has been sitting in draft since then.

Rorhbach Brewing Co. is a Rochester restaurant and microbrewery that also distributes to other area establishments. Their Vanilla Porter, which I enjoyed on tap at Dinosaur BBQ, is an English-style porter brewed with a robust blend of malts and vanilla extract.

6.5% ABV

A pretty standard-looking porter. Brow-black in color and opaque in appearance, with a slight glow at top & bottom of the pint. It was topped by a thin, mocha head.

Very pleasant. It has a a rich, sweet caramel malt aroma blended with strong, warm vanilla notes.

Taste & Feel
RVP has a somewhat aggressive carb feel, which is balanced nicely against they underlying smoothness of a medium body

The taste is rich and malty, but not quite as sweet as excpected. The vanilla flavor shows up late and lasts right through, and well past, the finish.

Very good. More carbonation and less sweetness than I expected, and overall quite enjoyable, especially while feasting on barbecue in a warm restaurant while overlooking a very icy Genesee River on a blustery winter afternoon.

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